Unreleased KanYe West Demo Beat Tape [c. Sept. 97'] (8 tracks Total) [[Stream]]

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TTO = white privilege & 4 da record, Makin $$$ off mods (IP is everything) @ da expense of dem posting :lol: Aint a goddamn thing u can do even if you change ips or im banned Pre-K..Reks L's. www.live2hustle.net/fam/

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Perfect song. What about the Tour Saint Pablo? Someone planning to visit? I wonder how many Kanye will be able to gather people. Many people hate him. Because of his statements. Yet, according to information on the various sites, for example - link, most of the tickets have already been sold. I plan to go on 1 October festival...
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Tue Jul 19, 2016 7:52 am

kanye is trash.....gaaaaay
Message me for requests or link Re ups....

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