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Schemaposse is back

Posted: Fri Sep 21, 2018 8:10 am
by Max Julian
I guess J Grxxn is sick of $uicideBoy$ AKA 2-5 Mafia (watered down generic ass three 6 mafia) & dumb ass Ghostemane for not giving him credit that he deserved. Especially Ghostemane. He put Ghoste on. Now Ghoste is acting like a bitch made nigga. Not to mention he put Lil Peep on too. But we all knew what happened to his ass. I'm actually excited for this though. It's about time. They don't need Lil Peep anyway because he only joined towards the end & before he came along, they were bumping already. I'll be uploading a Schemaposse discography later on this month.
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