was the east shook?

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was the east shook

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pre k shook C-note's hand and it was awsome
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was the east shook?

Post by Rekshots » Sat Oct 20, 2018 2:01 pm

i was listening to all the east coast vs west coast beef back in the day..

were the east coast niggaz scared of the west coast niggaz? cuz when pac and snoop were dissing NYC them nyc niggas didnt do shit. cuz when snoop and his weed carriers went to the east and recorded the New york video. them nyc niggaz didnt do shit. then them mob deep niggas shot they video LA LA but didn't go to LA. were they scare them LA niggas would ride on them

also pac went to the east and niggas showed him love. he ran up on NAS and nas were scared and pussy. ALso death row went to the source award and dissed them NYC niggas and they didn't do shit.

also pac rode on them niggaz hard and thye still sucked his dick

when biggie went to LA he got shot like the next day LOLOLOOOLOL it was funny AF fat queer died like a pussy. LOL.. while nyc niggas wouldn't even touch pac and it took the entire illumianti to take out pac in Vegas

did the west have the east shook?
rip pac
rip peep
rip lil flip

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Re: was the east shook?

Post by Pre-K » Sat Oct 20, 2018 9:09 pm

Lol biggie went to the West thinkin shit was all good

Naw fool we still ridin for Pac!!!

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