Dan Henderson Says He’s “Almost Ready” To Retire

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Dan Henderson Says He’s “Almost Ready” To Retire

Post by OmegaRed » Mon May 23, 2016 3:46 pm


Dan Henderson is heading into the final fight of his UFC contract when he takes on Hector Lombard at UFC 199 on June 4, 2016 and it just may very well be his last. In a recent interview with MMAJunkie, ‘Hendo’ admitted if negotiations don’t improve that it could be the end of his fighting career:

“I’m definitely capable of keeping on and still competing at a high level, but I’m almost ready to retire, and depending on how things play out after this fight with negotiations, yeah, it could be my last,”

Henderson also expressed that fighting for another promotion, if negotiations fall through with the UFC, is very much a possibility:

“Or maybe I’ll still fight. I don’t know yet. I’m at that point where I’m about ready, but definitely, I know in my heart I’m still capable of doing it and if I do decide to keep going on I’ll make sure I do it well.”

http://www.lowkickmma.com/UFC/dan-hende ... to-retire/
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