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I don't know if anyone in this forum is old enough to see Gabe Rivera play at texas tech where he was known as Senor Sack. Or anyone here being texas tech fans. I heard of him from the elway to marino 30 for 30 documentary. But after college, rivera was known for being the player the steelers passed local Pitt QB Dan Marino for. The steelers aren't known for draft screwups. that title belongs to the cleveland clowns who pass up on HOF players-Jack Lambert, Donovan McNabb, Brian Urlacher, Tomlinson, Big Ben, Aaron Rodgers, probably more.
Rivera only played 6 games & 1 night he drove drunk, didn't wear a seat belt & was paralyzed ever since. If that incident never happened, would rivera be a new steel curtain great? Don't know. I know had the steelers drafted Marino, he'd be ready to go after Terry Bradshaw retired from an injury in 1983. A lot of what ifs can be thought about in the 1983 nfl draft.
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