calling all DJs who chop n slow w perfection

Show us your DJ skills
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What it do I am a product of the late and great DJ Screw. Gray tapes are all I listen 2
I recently just opened a new mixtape shop and we sell only slowed n chopped music as I feel the craft is dying! And the DJs who are sloppy with there chops need to give it up! I'm here looking for DJs who do this to a perfection. Someone who does it like my cousin did because I wanna start a team similar to the S.U.C and all I lack is a great DJ. If you think you got what it takes drop links to songs you chopped up this is REAL and I have the connections to bring you straight to the TOP. And I will have exclusive freestyles from legends on these mixtapes. I already have the CD tracklist. Made and I want it out by next Friday so w/that being said I'm doing a contest to see who is the BEST for this legacy I'm about to start I need all DJs who wanna participate to slow n chop Scarface ~Dope Man Pushin. I have other DJs on other forums also participating so I need the track posted by this Friday that's the deadline. Good luck!

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