DJ Southern Guy - The "Slow" Tape 043: "Love Da' Hustle"

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DJ Southern Guy is a disc jockey that specializes in Chopped & Screwed music made famous by the late DJ Screw (Robert Earl Davis Jr.). He has been slowing down songs since he was 13 years old (2001). Usually making local mixtapes for friends and family, he has expanded into the social media sites such as YouTube, SoundCloud and of course DatPiff over the years to share his collection.

Born and Raised in Dallas, Texas, Southern Guy has always been a fan of the slowed down movement. "I have studied how DJ Screw did his mixtapes and what made them so addictive to people like myself, it truly is a feelin' you have to have when making a tape ... I can't get up one day and say ohhh I wanna make a slow tape .. nahhh, it has to be the right place, right time, right atmosphere." DJ Southern Guy says.

Southern Guy is an alumni of Kansas State University and hopes to one day produce and make classic albums and mixtapes just as the legendary DJ Screw and continue to be as close to the real thing as possible. "I call my tapes slow, because I am NOT DJ Screw ... I don't even say "screwed music .. thats outta respect for the legend that is screw .. so I named my shit "Slow" Tape." DJ Southern Guy says.

So here he is today sharing his ENTIRE collection of old school jams, hip hop classics and today's hits in a "Slow" Tape Classic series that will be around for years to come with memorable titles and respect to legend DJ Screw!!!!!

For personal requests please personal message mjhodge214 and/or email 5-7 personal songs to
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