was on the old school forum

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was on the old school forum

Post by Bosmang6 » Fri May 05, 2017 1:57 am

had to re-up and make a new name for here and basically fuck it...use my youtube name....i FUXS with the SOUTH 100....Texas & Memphis basically the south period and the Midwest them old Gangsta Mixtapes from the 90's....I have some Screw tapes some you could get from like Best Buy back in the days but i have tapes from Screw's own crib 1 grey tape and the others he was playin with these are not tapes from Screwed Up Records & Shop the nice frosty white and analog tapes these are from his boxes he had for upteen years before he passed ( i'm gonna work them have a bad azz studio deck for cassettes) i just need to get back in the game and share what the world miss and don't hear often i been sleep for a minute....But i'm a waking giant....On errthang i don't care to download i just want to put the sound on the streets.....and if soo if 1 person talk shit about analog hiss i will snap......It's completely impossible to remove analog tape hiss....you can lower it but when you do that you take away the actual sound.....Some what they say remastered or restored music is missing sound because they depleted the original sound by tying to get rid of POPS and CRACKLE but DJ Screw put that in his tapes on purpose....Fuck it manne





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