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Thu Jul 21, 2016 9:34 am

so heres what i use to get tracks.... in 320kb of course, also u can choose the quality
you can also type in the url of a soundcloud page, well the track on a page and get that track, since sound cloud has more variety of underground artists with material tahts hareder to come by, also the diff with this and other youtube dl is that this one i like in particular because it dl the track with the tags (name of song) unlike otehrs ive came across.....only downfall is that it dl tracks one by one and not albums ...but its great for those hard to find songs or songs u cant get .... im not spamming or promoting the site, just sharing info with whoever may find it useful, thanx

also.....i type as i think so i know i misspell alotta shtuff so i wont go back and re spell it...juss sayin
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