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Thu Feb 09, 2017 11:52 pm

10 Years ago you linked me to a site that was up and running and had a few active users a legendary text box and a fap or die.

Back before Airkat sold his soul and datpiff still had a forum.

I just wanna let you know. Like. I grew up here. I known alot of these mofuccas for a long Ass time. Met some in person before. Got pussy off this site. Brought pussy to this site. Booked shows and met and rapped on stage with Texas legends and it was possible cause of TTO.
I had years worth of laughs. Made friends. Enemies. Learned alot and I've been off and on for the past couple years, but I just wanna say thanks to CEO for starting all of this and Letting me be a part of it. I wouldn't change a thing.

Can you change my name back?

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