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Music has a special power of healing. It is a super remedy for soul and body. It helps to improve the memory, attention, physical coordination and mental development. Certain music improves the mood and concentration. It is certain that people depend on the music when they are tired or stressed because music can
-relieve stress
-reduce anxiety and depression
-reduce agitation.
But it is surprising to know that music helps to cure the Alzheimer's. You might be surprised, right? Yes, Alzheimer’s can be cured with music. Interesting to read this article “how music can benefit Alzheimer’s patients”(http://www.c-care.ca/blog/alzheimer-pat ... -patients/). Hope that this article would help you. Do you know why music boost the brain activity and help you to recall the memories? Here are the interesting facts about music
-Music evokes emotions
-Music bring emotional and physical closeness
-Music can shift mood, manage stress
-stimulate positive interactions.

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True dat
I think music is the key to our souls

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Stfu dat meskin, what kind of faggot shit is dat, go cut my yard instead

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