So many years underground

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Fri Mar 26, 2021 7:58 pm

I been freestyling underground all my damn life
No cap I should have stopped.

Nig never promoted them tracks so they never went no where but, into some designated place where all the rest of the unseen cats reside

I don’t trip got cats with my features making bank god bless them nigs.

This rap shit been a joke lol
Yeah I got money did shows but, so far in these 12-13 years of wasting time on this craft, I feel I should have gotten to developing games at 17 instead of picking up a microphone.

Shit helped the boy speak n what not.
Built a confidence around it.

Had many years of having fun feeding lil dudes make it in the industry.

Overall I’m still at square one
Shit crazy how I be wanting to give it up

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