Houston Hype: The Rise of the Underground Rap Scene

From D Town to H Town, all Texas hip hop here
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Mon Feb 20, 2023 12:44 am

Yo, what's good Texastakeover fam! Just wanted to drop by and show some love to my fellow Texas hip-hop heads. I've been grinding hard in the studio, working on some new music that I think y'all are gonna vibe with. I'm all about that dirty south sound, and I know you guys are too.

Speaking of which, I've been really inspired by the classic Texas hip-hop legends like DJ Screw, UGK, and Scarface. Those guys paved the way for us and I'm trying to keep that legacy alive.

If anyone's interested in hearing some of my tracks or collaborating, hit me up! Let's support each other and keep Texas hip-hop thriving. Salute!
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