Hawk & ESG freestyle/ Reason for rhyme(Hawks 2nd verse)

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I got dollars on my mind to battle inflation
A project living thug with a college education
I done sailed the Atlantic, swam the Pacific
Sold a bird in Egypt
drew it up in hyroglifics
Be specific, I still sip syrup & stack cheese
I even heard my flows being said in Chinese
Ni**a please, I'm real I use to be manish
My tounge be flippin so hard u think Hawk be speakin Spanish
Got damn it, can't stand it, can't handle it
I ride & reside with the drapped & dripped bandit
Popular demanded out in many states
While I'm doing shows I'm also moving weight
Must demonstrate never giving up hope
Writing throwed lyrics while still moving my dope
I met the pope while doing a sermon
NFL highlights gotta catch some Chris Berman
Money earning, still yearning, a punisher, a bruiser
I- 20"inch blades on a black Land Cruiser
Drug abuser I take a straight to the head
I support my own habits so shouldn't shit be said
Infrared I tote always going to smoke
This is one fuckin ni**a you should not provoke
My horoscope said that I must cope
And keep my head above the water and try to stay afloat
Cause I'm a big bad actor, big paper stacker
Took the blades off of a diesel and I put'em on a tractor
Major factor in this rap game race
And if you boys want some of me come on and get a taste !

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