The First Freestyle with Devin the Dude

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Thu Apr 13, 2017 11:53 am

Earlier this week Devin the Dude passed through MASS APPEAL HQ while touring in support of his remarkable new album Acoustic Levitation. (If you haven't peeped any of his self-produced drone videos, what are you waiting for?) One of the highlights of our chat was when he mentioned his very first rhyme.

Of course we had to ask if he still remembered it. After all he's burned a lot of trees and smoked a lot of mics since then. But still we were hoping he might bless us with something special. That he did.

Devin the Dude is lowkey one of the greatest rappers alive. The Houston native was sixteen years old when he kicked his first rap, before the formation of the Odd Squad and the Coughee Brothaz, before the features with Scarface and Snoop and Dre and Jay Z and R Kelly and all of that. This is the song that started it all. (And no disrespect to Mrs. Devin the Dude—this song is about a whole different Michelle.) Peep the bars up top.
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