Why did DJ screw never put any Three 6 Mafia songs on his screw tapes?

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Sat Dec 16, 2017 11:30 pm

I took it to the other thread i don't believe in thread topic hijacking

or whatever u wanna call it

Dj Screw was down with also the gritty Street Military style of rap music

Street never acted like they was just straight ballin they rapped about real street shit

people like to jam about wearing Gucci and Sachi but they be wearing fruit of the loom shirts

I just prefer reality rap/struggle rap

If you actually listen to the music their is alot of insight and knowledge being rapped about

if u wanna hear about big rims and massive chains u will never own Street is not for u it's reality rap

Dj Screw could relate even tho they was on the baller side of rap but they was hood ballers it was achievable like comin down on Slab

jusr having cash in yo pocket

but not like u owned a bentley the average street cat won't own one

aint nothin wrong with dreaming and ghetto dreams but real street ish is dope too

so to each his own

more substance is being talked about then givin credit for

that's why Screw put them together to give u different views of The City
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This might honestly be my favorite thread I ever seen. So many theories about why DJ Screw didn’t fuck with Three 6. Who knows? I seen some MF on youtube tryna claim Screw was inspired by Three 6 to start slowing down records. That’s obviously some BS. But it’s dope that so many people are still passionate enough about the king Robert Earl Davis to even debate over this shit. I’m ready for that All Screwed Up series this year. RIP Screw, RIP Fat Pat, RIP Big Hawk, RIP Big Mello, RIP Big Moe, RIP to any south Texas legends, u know the deal.

S.U.C. for life #Htineholitdine
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Tue Feb 11, 2020 10:41 pm

Military dick on his mind

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