Lane2lane TV : Misery : A Hustler's Etiquette

From D Town to H Town, all Texas hip hop here
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From a yungsta to grown folk he continues to put out content that serves & inspires
youth to know they are not alone.
Dating back as far as 2009 from what I know, maybe even longer
has been writing & producing his own music with a smooth Nate Dogg type flow
mixed with a young Lil Rob charisma & of course an Htown Funk that cannot be
replicated shows the passion he has for
Houston Culture & speaks on the likes of
what he sees from homeboys on lock to the hardheads out there in tha O.A.K
has Features with K-rino an S.P.C member and lyrical wizard
along with collaborations
such as Sal Mex another under rated local Chicano Legend.

Misery has dropped 6 Collaborative albums, 1 Solo Mixtape & 1 Solo Album.
Clymax being a major affiliate, partner & friend has been with Misery since
the begining dropping crazy 32 track albums to an entire series dedicated
to the city named "Houston Homage"
I first heard of Misery 4 years ago and to be honest I met him at a party
and was completely fucked up but the freestyle circle was there so I hopped in
at the time I met him he was on probation when I offered to smoke but
he kept in touch before all this social media was booming receiving texts
for his newest track or latest video his hustle was unmatched.

I drew more to his music as I related to it and found pride in the fact
that we had another Latino representing for la Raza, after the DopeHouse Records
scandal us as a community were dropped back to the bottom of the barrel to dare
I say be forgotten; lately we've been rising with regards to GT Garza & Dat Boi T
but there isn't one as Unique & Truthful to his lyrics as Misery.


His name speaks for itsself & if you've never felt it, you probably wont
never know where He or his home of Meadowbrook comes from.
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