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The Hood Gospel is the passing of game from Original Gangster to Baby Gangster, between Father and Seed, or Hustler and Street Soldier.  It is the influx of spiritual assurance versus firm principles in a complex world.  The sights and sounds, witnessed by ghetto youth.  The small doubled up rooms, hard liquor in baby bottles, light marijuana smell, hostile altercations, the music, the memories, the sway light history, the movement of urban people.  The Hood Gospel preaches trill realities to life.  Overall it’s the knowledge of resistance and action.  Young Roddy and Jamaal bring this prophetic mixtape to fruition.  The high-pitched crescendo created with each lyrical delivery is nasty.  The samples of genuine R&B music makes the mixtape a soulful one.

“New Kickz” is a paper chase track followed by “12’O’Clock’s” fluent miracuolous verses.  The chill vibrations and mellow tempo.  “This Thing is Ours,” samples Love Togetherness and Devotion, L.T.D.’s “Love Ballad.” The 70’s mega group that featured Jeffrey Osborne.  It is notably similar to the J Dilla produced, De La Soul, 2003 single, “Much More.” The Isley Brothers are sampled in “John Gotti,” a track about growing pains in the hood.  The metaphor appears to be the upbringing or training of the Mob boss, and a young hitter’s lifestyle.  Both rappers express being raised by real gangsters.  “Never” draws from Tavares, “Never Had A Love Like This,” another 70’s hit record.  The following track “Don’t Switch Up,” creatively uses Glen Jones, “Been Searching,” as a baseline, adding layers to the production.  GoodSense is a Young Roddy staple, in reference to the good sensations his music gives listeners.  As a JetLife artist out of Lousiana, Roddy ends his mixtape with the original production of “ILL” and continuation of the Intro and Title track, “Hood Gospel.”  These bars are instinctive.  The visceral voice of Young Roddy is a musical journey, through the ghetto, and beyond rap imagery.  Both rappers are authentic, and true to the brand of rap, their independent label supports.  This mixtape keeps the soul fed, while dodging feds, and blowing kush clouds.

J. Sneakerwire Harris
IG: @sneakerwire
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