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Genre: Hip hop/Rap

Title: Jody Lo - The new face of traditional Hip hop

Jody Lo (born Jody T. Gray, August 6, 1992) is an American hip hop recording artist with his roots in the city of Winston Salem, NC. In his own words, he is the father of "universal" or "hybrid" hip hop in which he uses a combination of lyricism, gangster rap, life lessons, backpack, trap, consciousness and energy patterns sometimes putting all of these into one song alone (one example being the title themed track and intro, sack religion). The NC native took the industry by storm with a streak of debuts in 2017 including; 2 phenomenal mixtapes, sharing his life story in a 30 minute Interview with DJ Smallz and the release of Sack Religion. Still unsigned, Jody Lo continues to effectively strike opportunities in hip hop.

With all of the heat toward mumble rap in 2017, it tends to become difficult to focus on finding traditionally​ lyrical content. Jody Lo is an artist who shows potential to effortlessly fill that void in hip hop with his debut album "Sack Religion". Get to know Jody Lo in his 30 minute interview with DJ smallz, as well as listento the album Sack Religion on Spotify, iTunes, Google play, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon, Apple music or any other streaming service

Social media: ... YmjMisy-3A

Interview with DJ smallz

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