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Swivel Freestyle ft. Dj Yung Kool.mp3 ... ft-dj-yung
This fucking Neighborhood.
I fucking Hate the Hood. Wish you would Come and, See these streets, and Fucking stay for Good.
All I see is Black and White.
Back and forth, Flashing Lights.
Walking round the Laundry Mat, Just to Check if things Aight.
And that Ghetto Bird, In the Sky. Thinking That it's, Stupid Fly.
Could never compare to I, I'ma, Pyramid. Period.
I Been Here the Whole time, like black Oil, or Gold.
Dumb niggaz on the Road,
Showed me, How Not to Go.
They fell in Luv wit,
Gun smoke,
Instead of,
Reaching their Goals.
Others fell For them Hoes,
And We know, How that shit Go.
There's Plenty Fish-
In the Sea-
For you Angry Birds________
I put the-"Hook" last.
Reel you-in 1st.
Getting better on these songs, this my Torture Verse.
Soul Survivor, beating the Greatest Odds. Defeating the Hate in Y'all. I Do It, you pray to God. Still singing, HooRay, HooRaH.
Bosses Still take a Loss.
Success Comes at A Cost.
And then I checked the price of Fame, saw my blood written Name.
I should sign that bitch twice, for A lifetime, full of pain.
Won't save you from your, Untimely Demise. I'm Most Likely to Succeed, Will Indeed, No Compromise.
No profit, Off of No Promise.
I'm only after these Commas.
That Bitch you wit, she Gon' get it.
Just digits, after these Dollars.
Young Niggaz, keep dey hand, on a Pistol,
Tiimmy turner wit a Burner,
Let em burn up, shooting missiles at your Dome.
Plenty niggaz Dead, Cause of Alter-Cations,
Con-fron-tations, When they know they really in the Wrong.
Nigga keep yo head, on a Swivel,
People smiling in yo Face, but they Hate, and really Wish that you Were Gone.
Plenty niggaz Dead, Cause of Hesitation, No Mistaken, If you Really want it, Gotta get It on Your Own.
So I keep my Mind, on these Instrumentals, Bobbin' to whatever tempo, Helps my Mental cope, When I'm Alone.
Why I don't fuck wit Y'all, Is Really Quite that Simple?. I am just a different Devil, you Should Never Let Into your Home.

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