homebrew lean??

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I heard that in some places, people have been importing codeine and promethazine and homebrewing their own syrup. Any of y'all have experience with this?? I got the plug for promethazine and I know where to source codeine locally. if any of you guys have a recipe for authentic syrup that would be super dope. I ain't trying to sell it as genuine, just for personal use and w my homies cause lean is expensive asf where I live. Assuming that the inactive ingredients aren't too expensive, I could probably homebrew 2 pints for 50$.
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Sun May 29, 2016 11:28 pm

I'll leave that shit alone if I were you....
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Sip slow n live fast
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BACC wrote:Why??
Cause it's Military's bidness mayne. This nigga be sendin shots @ niggas who's tryna fuck his company up. Gang gang gang
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nobody making no drank anytime soon, just get the real stuff
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where da act
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dont kill yourself
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Yes they are making homebrew. You can buy it on alphabay
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Buy red then put a t3 or 4

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What they putting in them no labels
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