From D Town to H Town, all Texas hip hop here
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What up yall! I used to be on this site back then around 09-2010. This place used to be live all day! I just wanted to put it out there that this was the place that motivated me to start learning the music game. I just started last year but I wanted yall to check us out! Coming from the south east side of the city. We are a group called Music Corruption. We are all from different prominent hoods in the southeast. Hoffa coming out that Pecan Park (Ingrando) , J-Lopez blazin out that Smith Addition (broadway by milby aka 83rd street) , Maxzo, Shorty Guwop, and Trappa John coming out of Manchester (Under the ship channel) and ReveilleboiMike obviously out of Reveille Park. Our team touches many aspects of rap and we are not limiting ourselves to one category. We linked up together and we are trying to create a movement. We arent all swagged out, sauced up or whatever. Maybe one day we will be able to but for now we are all about the music. Fuck with us lemme know what you think! We just dropped J-Lopez - Jumpin video. Secondly, we have our in home video for Hoffa - Holy Ghost. Lemme know what you think, I know 98% of the responses will be things that have nothing to do with it but oh well fuck with us!

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